Hassan Whiteside roasts Jabari Parker for his ‘Dr. Seuss’ car (Video)

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Hassan Whiteside had some jokes for Jabari Parker‘s classic ride.

Hassan Whiteside has always been a guy who appreciates a little levity in his day. Humor seems to be a big part of his personality and this week he shared a video of him having a little fun at the expense of one of his teammates, Jabari Parker.

What kind of car is Hassan Whiteside teasing Jabari Parker about?

Jabari Parker has been a classic car collector since signing his first contract. In a 2018 profile by the Chicago Tribune, he talked about where the passion came from.

“As a kid in my neighborhood, I didn’t see Mercedes, luxury cars like that. What were around a lot were older Cadillacs. That’s what middle-class, successful black men had. They took pride in a Cadillac, cleaning it, keeping it polished. That’s something that was part of my upbringing. So it’s also cultural to me. That’s why I love it.”

At the time of the profile, Parker owned nine classic cars including a 1954 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. The car he’s driving in Whiteside’s video seems likely to be older than that. No other specific cars mentioned in the article appear to match so it’s possible it’s a newer purchase.

Whatever he was driving in Whiteside’s video is not Parker’s only pink (or salmon, or whatever) automobile either. He has a 1965 Cadillac Sedan DeVille in a similar shade.

Whiteside had some laughs but he’s clearly missing the nuance here, not appreciating the kind of classic design that appeals so much to Parker. That’s a pristine collector’s item probably worth at least much as some of the modern luxury cars around it in the player’s parking lot. Maybe the solution is to let Whiteside take a little test drive so he can see what he’s missing?

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