Damian Lillard and other NBA players debate LeBron’s late decision in Game 5

Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Playoffs

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With a chance to win the NBA Finals in five games, LeBron James opted to pass to Danny Green

James would’ve had to take on a double-team, while Green was wide open from the top of the key. Upon further review, it was very clearly the right decision. Green’s precise three-point shooting is why the Lakers spent $30 million on him this offseason. He’s delivered in some clutch moments, but his inconsistency has drawn the ire of Lakers fans as well. Friday night won’t help matters.

LeBron is as clutch as they come, but he’ll always make the right basketball play, even if it doesn’t end with him receiving all the glory. This is where he’s different than most the alpha males in the modern NBA. It’s a player-driven league, and nearly every NBA star wants to ball in their hands with a chance to win a championship.

James is different, and the responses from NBA greats made that very clear

Lillard’s take is the correct one. Yes, Green was open, but there’s no way the closer known as Dame Time would’ve passed up that chance. It speaks volumes to the difference between the two players.

Green’s inability to make a wide open three-pointer from the top of the key is not LeBron’s fault. Green once made seven threes in an NBA Finals game. He’s more than capable, but he came up short in this instance and has to live with that.

The majority of the NBA community respects LeBron enough to understand where he’s coming from. If you come at the King, you best not miss, especially when he’s just a game away from winning another championship.

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