Despite James Dolan’s best efforts, Knicks still most valuable NBA franchise

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Not even James Dolan can hurt the New York Knicks’ overall franchise value.

Forbes has released its most valuable NBA franchises for 2021. Not surprisingly, but still somehow shockingly, the New York Knicks retain the top spot at an estimated value of $5 billion. Not even one of the worst owners in sports in James Dolan can knock them off their highest perch.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the Knicks’ percentage change in value went up nine percent year over year. While playing in the biggest media market in the country and at sacred Madison Square Garden considerably helps their value, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers are right behind them at $4.7 billion and $4.6 billion for 2021, respectively.

How much would the Knicks be valued if somebody else owned them?

The day Dolan sells the Knicks will become a city-wide holiday for Knicks fans throughout the Five Boroughs. They love this team but have been subjected to mostly basketball nonsense for the better part of 21st century. While the team was competent in the 1990s with Patrick Ewing as the star, the Knicks had one great year with Carmelo Anthony and that has pretty much been it ever since.

Ultimately, the Knicks are going to increase in value over time no matter what the rest of Dolan’s ownership looks like. If he does ever sell the team, somebody is going to have to pay a pretty penny for it. While his team does get to have bragging rights in this one area of the sport, do not be shocked if better-run organizations like Golden State or Los Angeles overtake the Knicks soon.

The Knicks could be worth well over $10 billion before they win their next NBA championship.

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