Adam Silver unimpressed with Kyrie Irving’s attempts to change NBA logo

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Commissioner Adam Silver poured cold water on Kyrie Irving’s recent push to change the NBA logo to Kobe Bryant’s silhouette.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving wants the NBA to change the logo to honor Kobe Bryant. Adam Silver isn’t listening.

The NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke on Saturday, essentially telling Irving and others to slow their roll.

Silver could have gone further to eliminate the possibility of changing the logo down the line, but his statement made it pretty clear it’s not part of the plan.

Should the NBA logo change?

Jerry West, the man behind the current logo, told ESPN in 2017 that he would welcome a change to the logo. He jokingly proposed Silver as his replacement.

West’s perspective is worth considering, mostly because he seems uncomfortable with the logo being associated with one player. He didn’t find out it was his silhouette until after the fact.

That’s the biggest problem with any conversation about changing it: You have to pick someone new.

The idea of Bryant filling that spot considering his place in basketball history and his tragic death has merit. However, controversy would come along for the ride if he was honored in that way.

It’s not just about the obvious sexual assault allegation, though that’s something the league would have to be conscious of. It’s about deciding who would truly merit being the logo.

People are bound to vehemently disagree about which NBA star belongs there. For some, Kobe is the pick. Others might argue for Magic Johnson. LeBron James would have a case at this point. Michael Jordan would take it personally if it weren’t him. Bill Russell has the rings.

Just thinking about it makes Silver’s stance make more sense. The NBA probably doesn’t want to open that can of worms. So the logo will stay as is.

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