Marquese Chriss hilariously corrects Woj’s tweet reporting trade to Spurs

Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs

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When Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news of Marquese Chriss getting traded to the Spurs, he made a mistake and the hooper let him know about it. 

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski has been working overtime this week, as he’s been breaking news left and right regarding the NBA trade deadline. This was the case on Thursday, with plenty of “Woj Bombs” making their way to our Twitter feeds.

However, that doesn’t mean the man is perfect. When reporting that the Golden State Warriors had traded big man Marquese Chriss to the San Antonio Spurs, Wojnarowski made a mistake and Chriss let him know about it.

Marquese Chriss let Adrian Wojnarowski he misspelled his name on Twitter when reporting his trade

As you can see from the tweet above, Chriss quickly corrected Wojnarowski and reminded him how to properly spell his first name. In the replies of Chriss’ post, fans are loving what he had to say and they can’t stop trolling Wojnarowski either.

As for Chriss and his action on the hardwood, the former University of Washington standout will indeed be heading to San Antonio to continue his career. Chriss arrived to Golden State in 2019 after previous stints with the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Unfortunately, he suffered a broken leg earlier this winter and is expected to be out for the rest of the season. Despite that, the Spurs are ready to see what he can do either later this year (if he can somehow return) or next season. Things just didn’t work out for him as planned in Golden State, so we’ll see how he can do with the Spurs.

For Wojnarowski, he may want to double-check spelling out Chriss’ name the next time he reports on him. Otherwise, his mentions might blow up again.

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