Lakers: Dennis Schroder says he got ejected for waving goodbye to Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers

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Lakers guard Dennis Schroder says he got ejected for waving goodbye to Kyrie Irving.

Dennis Schroder and Kyrie Irving got into it Friday night during the Los Angeles Lakers‘ surprising road win over the Brooklyn Nets, and the end result was both guards getting ejected from the game.

While the Lakers were just happy to get the win, finishing the game on a 60-39 run after the ejections, Schroder said he didn’t really do much to earn his dismissal.

Here’s what he had to say about the incident, according to Clutch Points:

“I didn’t know at first that we got double technicals when he came up to me,” Schroder said. “After that, I kept asking him, ‘What he is talking about?’ And he kept talking, kept talking …. Then he got got kicked out, or got the second technical, and I mean, I said ‘Bye.’ I don’t even know if I waved at him. I probably did. And then [the official] said, ‘You’re gone, too, because you waved at him.’ And I didn’t even know that I got the first technical when he came up to me.”

Dennis Schroder believes he got tossed for waving goodbye

The broadcast was showing an instant replay at the time Schroder got tossed, so it’s hard to tell if that’s really what happened. On Sunday morning, Irving tweeted about how wrong it is to use the N-word, which some Twitter followers believe is what Schroder said on the court that got Irving so riled up.

It appears these second technical fouls for both guards were soft, though it should be noted we have no way of knowing what was truly said. But if Schroder’s second technical really did come as a result of simply waving goodbye in the heat of the moment, and not anything explicit that he said, then that’s an incredibly weak way to get ejected.

The Lakers won without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, 126-101, behind 19 points from Schroder as well as 20 points and 11 rebounds from Andre Drummond. Irving put up 18 points in his 21 minutes of action, while Kevin Durant led the way for Brooklyn with 22 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists in 24 minutes.

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