Kawhi Leonard proves once and for all he’s capable of smiling

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Kawhi Leonard broke out a goofy grin during the Los Angeles Clippers’ win, despite sitting the entire game. What’s got him so tickled?

Every once in a blue moon, Leonard reminds the world that he is not, in fact, a robot, and he can display human emotion. It may just be a fleeting moment that comes when you least expect it, but on those rarified occasions that Leonard does show his human side, the cameras are ready to capture that moment forever. Case in point:

Last night, the Clippers defeated the Detroit Pistons without Leonard (due to a foot injury) and Paul George, but that wasn’t what Leonard was laughing about.

In the second quarter of the game, Clippers teammate Amir Coffey was on a fast breakaway with the ball when he slipped and fell. Leonard’s reaction was priceless:

Note how Leonard almost immediately puts his mask on after the laugh, and his face returns to that of a stony gargoyle. Sure, it’s a little strange, but at least he’s following Covid-19 protocols.

Kawhi Leonard isn’t a cyborg, no matter what anybody says

Leonard has been known for his icy on-court demeanor, and he once told Charles Barkley on an episode of Inside the NBA why he’s so serious in games: “Nobody’s smiling in the fourth quarter.” New Balance even turned Leonard’s lack of expressions into a marketing campaign and released a shirt that says “No Emotions Are Emotions.”

Yet on Wednesday night it looked like Leonard couldn’t be happier, and you can’t help but remember his infamous laugh (if you want to call it that) in a 2018 press conference.

Listen to the laugh and remember Leonard is as much of a weird and strangely lovable human being as he is a basketball star. We believe you, Leonard. You’re a fun guy.

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