Clippers sign DeMarcus Cousins for rest of season

The LA Clippers are finalizing a deal to keep DeMarcus Cousins for the remainder of the 2020-21 season.

Boogie’s staying in Los Angeles.

It took a 20-day trial period, but the LA Clippers decided to keep Boogie on board for … well, at least the rest of this season.

After starting this year with the Houston Rockets, where Cousins played second fiddle, or rather, second center, to young talent Christian Wood, Cousins was waived and left for the greener pastures of Los Angeles. In April, Cousins signed his first 10-day contract with the Clips, which led to second 10-day contract. That ultimately led to the Clippers thinking, “What’s the harm?” and they’re now keeping the veteran center on their roster for the rest of the season.

In his eight appearances for the Clippers so far, Cousins has played 11.5 minutes per game, averaging 6.3 points and 4.5 rebounds a night. He’s also shot 48.8 percent from the field, his highest field-goal percentage since 2013-14, when he still played for the Sacramento Kings.

Granted, he’s only played eight games, and All-Star teammates Kawhi Leonard and Paul George could make anybody look good. Still, it feels like Boogie’s finally getting more comfortable in his new home.

DeMarcus Cousins is staying with the Los Angeles Clippers this season

A four-time All-Star himself, Cousins currently gets few and precious minutes for the Clippers, but this signing could boost his confidence and help him break into the playoff rotation.

With Serge Ibaka still sidelined, Cousins is currently most utilized as Ivica Zubac’s backup at center. Barring any special circumstances, coach Tyronn Lue will continue to rely on Zubac, since Cousins’ aging (but experienced) body doesn’t have the explosive power and All-Star defending capability that it used to.

Then again, Cousins’ most useful trait to his team may just be that he’s there. As a third insurance center, he’ll be there if the Clippers need him, and he’ll be there if the team decides to sign him long-term.

If Cousins has to take a backseat to the starting center yet again, at least it’ll be on a team that has a good shot at making it all the way to the NBA Finals.

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