Shaq comes to Charles Barkley’s aid in adorable Inside the NBA moment

Shaq came to the rescue after Charles Barkley got a muscle cramp on the sent of Inside the NBA.

Inside the NBA remains great television, even if Shaq does occasionally say ridiculous things on the air. He was part of another viral moment Thursday night but this time it was not because of anything he did.

Instead, Charles Barkley suffered a muscle cramp on the set and Dr. Shaq came to the rescue.

Shaq gives Charles Barkley a much-needed massage

This is the type of viral content fans want to see from the duo. The two provided fans with a wholesome moment and gave everyone on set a good laugh.

Anyone who has ever suffered a muscle cramp knows how they come out of nowhere and lead to crippling pain. Having a friend nearby to offer assistance is a great thing and the fact the cameras caught this exchange makes it that much better.

The NBA playoffs are approaching and that means another healthy dose of Shaq, Charles, Ernie, and Kenny over the next few months. Let’s hope for more moments like this and fewer where Shaq says something either insulting or offensive to players in the league.

Inside the NBA is one of the rare sports shows that sometimes focuses on everything other than the actual games. That is part of the viewing experience and it has led to great moments over the years.

Barkley may now want to focus on drinking more water so he doesn’t need his friend to rub his leg on national television just so he can sit back down.

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