Here’s how the Houston Rockets can trade for Ben Simmons

Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers

The Houston Rockets could acquire some necessary star in Ben Simmons this offseason, and here how it can happen.

The Houston Rockets were given a harsh dose of reality this season. After reaching the playoffs in 2019-20, they were the worst team in the NBA, finishing this year with a 17-55 record. Injuries, the James Harden saga, coronavirus, and bad basketball all contributed to the Rockets’ abysmal performances. Although their regular season was a complete failure, the offseason can be much more successful.

After Ben Simmons’ disastrous playoff appearance, the Philadelphia 76ers could look to trade their star player this offseason. Despite his offensive limitations, Simmons is a supremely talented player who can help the Rockets in every way imaginable. With his trade value trending downwards, many teams could be interested in acquiring him. The Rockets should be one of those teams.

Simmons could fit right in with the Rockets and their core of young players. He would give the city ample star power and help the team escape the cellar of the NBA. So what will it take for Houston to get the Sixers to ship the All-Star point forward to H-Town?

How can the Houston Rockets trade for Ben Simmons?

Inquiring with the Sixers about what it would take to get Ben Simmons makes a lot of sense for the Rockets. His passing and playmaking skills would immediately help a Rockets team that ranked in the bottom third of the NBA in assists per game (23.6), per In addition, Simmons’ length would help the Rockets on both ends of the floor, especially on defense.

Houston couldn’t stop a nosebleed last year, and acquiring Simmons gives them a versatile defender. He can guard all positions on the floor and use his length and athleticism to invade passing lanes. The Rockets need a defensive anchor, and the LSU product offers just that.

The market for Simmons has drastically changed since the beginning of the season, so much so that it is difficult to assess a value on him. The drop in value could help Houston, as they won’t have to offer much for the struggling superstar. The Rockets have the draft capital and players to make an appetizing deal to the Sixers.

Because of their record, Houston has a great shot of landing the top pick in this upcoming NBA Draft. However, they need to place 1-4 in the draft lottery to keep it. According to CBS Sports, the Rockets have a 14 percent chance of obtaining the No. 1 overall selection.

They also have two more first-round picks this year, courtesy of the Portland Trail Blazers and Milwaukee Bucks. With a total of three first-round picks in this year’s draft, Houston shouldn’t be afraid to part with one or two of them for Simmons. At least they’d know what they’re getting in Simmons while drafting a rookie is unpredictable.

Houston could package some players along with picks to sweeten the deal for the Sixers. It’d be smart to include John Wall in a deal with the Sixers point forward, as Philly could benefit from his services. Wall still provides exceptional playmaking ability like Simmons, except that he shoots it considerably better.

The Rockets will likely have to involve the 30-year-old guard in this transaction for financial and logistical reasons also. Wall doesn’t fit Houston’s timeline as an organization, and offloading his contract would be a big weight off their shoulders. They’d inherit Simmon’s massive deal in return, but they still have time to mold him into the player they want. At 24-years-old, Simmons’ NBA career is only getting started.

Houston has young, promising talent in Christian Wood, Kevin Porter Jr, and Jae’Sean Tate, and adding Simmons to that core would set them up for a decade of exciting basketball at minimum.

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