Steph Curry ignites boxing rematch with Canelo Alvarez and fails again

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Steph Curry tried his luck once again in a sparring match with Canelo Alvarez, and the results were similar to their first encounter.

When it comes to shooting the basketball, there is nobody better than Steph Curry. When it comes to knocking people out, very few are as skilled as Canelo Alvarez. The two sports stars participated in the American Country Championship golf tournament last year and jokingly got into a sparring match on the course. With Alvarez being the supremely better boxer, it only took seconds for the two-time NBA MVP to realize he was outmatched.

It only took a quick shadow jab from the middleweight champ for Curry to realize he stood no chance. Roughly a year later, the sharpshooter approached Alvarez again for a boxing rematch on the fairway.

Steph Curry and Canelo Alvarez have a sparring match during a golf event.

It looks like Curry has been working on his boxing skills in preparation for his rematch with Alvarez. The point guard and the middleweight fighter met on the golf course for a sparring match, and the Golden State Warriors star looked noticeably looser than his last encounter.

However, the results this time were very similar to the first. Curry was able to perform a shadow jab, but a fast counter by Alvarez stopped the former NBA MVP in his tracks. Even though it is all in good fun, seeing how quickly the champion boxer can get off a punch put this one to bed once again. Curry might have a quicker shot, but Canelo Avalrez clearly has the quicker punch.

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