Report: Warriors have had internal discussions about breaking the NBA with a Damian Lillard trade

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Damian Lillard Warriors rumors are already starting, as Golden State has reportedly held internal discussions on how to make a trade happen.

Remember when it was rumored that Kevin Durant was going to be a target for the Golden State Warriors? We all laughed it off, but the joke was on the rest of the league after Durant indeed signed with the Warriors and then won a title with them.

Golden State turned heel in that moment and it sounds like they’d do it again in a heartbeat.

In fact, discussions have apparently already been had by the Warriors in regards to trading for Damian Lillard.

According to The Athletic, the Warriors have already internally discussed how to trade for Dame and pair him with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

To be fair, Slater prefaces his blurb by saying the Warriors probably aren’t the only contender doing homework on how to get Dame in their locker room. It would be malpractice for any of the 29 other NBA teams to not at least sketch out a potential trade for one of the best players in the league.

Damian Lillard Warriors rumors: Golden State has talked about a trade

“They’d make a call and have already internally discussed the idea, as I’m sure most contenders have, considering the rising smoke out of Portland.”

The most tantalizing part isn’t that the Warriors have internally discussed a trade, but that their “theoretical” offer would likely be among the best Portland will hear.

“Their theoretical offer would be competitive,” Slater wrote.

He’s not wrong.

If Golden State were to put together an offer for the Blazers they could include any combination of James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre in a sign-and-trade, as well as two first-round picks the team owns (their own at No. 14 and the Timberwolves pick at No. 7).

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