Everyone hates their NBA2k22 ratings: A tradition unlike any other

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NBA superstars like Kevin Durant and LeBron James hate their overall ratings in NBA2k22.

In a tradition as old as time itself, NBA superstars like Kevin Durant and LeBron James absolutely hate their ratings in NBA2k22.

It might only be a basketball video game, but it matters to them. One would think two of the very best players in the game today like Durant and James would come in with 99 overall ratings. What about a two-time MVP like Steph Curry? Should he be getting a 99, too? And what about up-and-coming star Trae Young? He has to be cracking 90, right? Well, NBA2k22 simply does not care.

Behold! The top 10 player ratings in NBA2k22. You have every right to fall to pieces over them.

Every NBA star should be furious over their weak NBA2k22 overall ratings

No player even came close to cracking a 99 overall rating. Curry, Durant, James and Giannis Antetokounmpo all tied for first with a 96 overall rating. Players like Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid and Damian Lillard all had 94 or better overall ratings and made the top 10. Young did not even crack 90, as he came up one point painfully short at 89. As expected, they all acted accordingly over this.

Admittedly, life is too short to get that mad over anything. However, video games are not real life and you have every reason to be completely furious if you are an NBA superstar who was shorted a few points in the latest installment of the NBA2k franchise. While it is great that the players are talking about the game, not all publicity is good publicity. Give the best players in the sport a 99.

The only logical way to settle is this to compete on the court by way of your video gaming console.

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