LeBron James got a super-weird facelift in NBA2k22

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James doesn’t look normal in NBA 2k22, as he’s the latest NBA player to receive a bizarre virtual ‘upgrade’.

In 2k21, LeBron looks like a far younger man. It’s almost like he knew someone in the design process, asking them to help him avoid going through a mid-life crisis. Come this year’s version of the most-bought NBA video game, those favors ended, and James looked far older than his usual self.

LeBron’s hairline was already receding at an alarming rate, it didn’t need any help. James is 36 years old, going on 37…not 50. Not to mention, the man can afford hair-plugs, or whatever treatment he chooses to pursue.

Lakers: LeBron James got screwed over in NBA 2k22

Typically, the graphics get better year-to-year, but that was not the case with James’ face. Despite LeBron undeniably getting older, his hairline has actually miraculously improved this offseason.

During his final years in Cleveland, it was impossible to deny that James was balding. When he moved out to L.A., he received some serious movie star treatment. And no, it’s not a wig, we promise.

James’ Lakers are expected to contend for an NBA title once again, although don’t expect anyone in their rotation to get carded at a bar anytime soon. The Lakers have the oldest team in basketball and it’s not even close.

Maybe James can provide his hair-loss treatment to some of his teammates in his spare time.

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