Joel Embiid finally turns on Ben Simmons, torches him in public comments

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid had a fiery response to recent Ben Simmons reports.

With the ongoing saga between the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons, All-Star center Joel Embiid has remained relatively quiet. He made his first public comments on Monday during the teams media day. Majority of what Embiid said then was just him taking the high road in hopes that Simmons would eventually return.

A day after those comments, reports came out that claimed Simmons would never play with Embiid again because their play styles don’t match.

Today, Embiid responded to those comments, and lets just say he swerved right off of the high road.

76ers: Joel Embiid calls Ben Simmons situation disrespectful

Embiid characterized the situation as “borderline disrespectful” to the current 76ers players who are there “fighting for their lives.” He did preface his statement by saying he doesn’t know if the reports came directly from Simmons but due to all that has come out over the summer, he feels “it’s fair to assume it’s coming from whether it’s his agent or his people or whatever.”

The majority of what Embiid had to say was to disprove the idea that Simmons and Embiid’s play wasn’t compatible on the court. Embiid argued that nearly everything the 76ers have done over the last few seasons have been to compliment Simmons. From surrounding him with shooters, to signing a stretch-big like Al Horford. Even going as far as to say getting rid of All-NBA player Jimmy Butler, was so that Simmons could have the ball in his hands more, a move that Embiid admitted he thought was a mistake.

With all of that off his chest, Embiid does still acknowledge that Philadelphia is a better team with Simmons but that his focus will be on the guys in the building.

We are a better team with him, there’s no question about it. We still hope he changes his mind, but I kind of owe it to these guys to worry about what we have here. That’s the fun of the job, to kind of figure out what’s going to happen. That’s not my job, I’m not the GM, I’m not an owner so that’s none of my business, honestly.

In other words, Embiid is ready to turn the page. It seems as if he’s accepted the fate that Simmons has no plans on returning. After Embiid’s comments today, a reunion seems even more unlikely than the already slim chances. Either way, Embiid has cleared his chest and he’s done worrying about it.

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