Rockets plan to hold moment of silence for Astroworld Festival tragedy victims

The Houston Rockets canceled a planned “Travis Scott Night” and instead will hold a moment of silence for Astroworld Festival victims.

The Houston Rockets have been on the road for more than a week, playing their last home game on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Of their five games on the road during that stretch, the 1-9 Houston team didn’t win a single game. But the players, coaches and personnel remain grateful that they were on the road for the past week. If not, some of the Rockets players would have attended the deadly Astroworld Festival that took place on Friday, Nov. 5.

Reflecting on the tragedy that took place, the Houston Rockets have canceled the “Travis Scott Night” that was planned for their return home as they face the Detroit Pistons on Nov. 10.

The themed night was set to include a giveaway for a Travis Scott/Rockets t-shirt for the first 3,000 fans, but it will not take place due to the weight of the tragedy that has shaken the Houston community.

Instead, the Rockets will hold a moment of silence to pay respects to the eight deaths and hundreds of injuries that resulted from a dangerous crowd surge at the overpacked venue.

Rockets holding a moment of silence for Astroworld Festival victims

Entrenched in the Houston community, several Rockets players and personnel either knew people who attended the concert or planned to attend themselves.

If Jalen Green wasn’t on the road, he likely would have gone to the concert, according to The Undefeated.

Rockets coach Stephen Silas said his 17-year-old daughter planned to attend but had a volleyball tournament instead, which made Silas “very relieved” that his daughter didn’t attend. Rockets general manager Rafael Stone said his son knew one of the concertgoers who died.

Scott has been a large figure in Houston and huge supporter of the local NBA franchise. Bleacher Report even collaborated with Scott to release a limited edition Travis Scott/Houston Rockets jersey in 2019.

Now, it seems the Rockets are currently distancing themselves from their superfan, as their social media has completely scrubbed all mentions of the previously planned “Travis Scott Night.”

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