Kyle Kuzma claps back at the entire city of Cleveland for LeBron James dig

Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards

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Washington Wizards small forward Kyle Kuzma finally answered the viral Cleveland news station who said Kuzma won an NBA Championship “thanks to LeBron.”

The Wizards defeated the Cavaliers last Wednesday, but Kyle Kuzma and the city of Cleveland have been taking shots ever since.

It all started on Wednesday, when Kuzma was in Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse for the Wizards game against the Cavaliers. To rattle Kuzma, some Cavaliers fans were heckling him while holding a sign that said, “LeBron got Kuzma his RING!”

Kuzma kept the chip on his shoulder, hitting a 3-pointer that gave the Wizards the lead and won the game 97-94. In the post-game press conference, Kuzma said that “it was their fault” that he hit the shot that stole the win.

After the game-winning shot, Kuzma turned to the hecklers and shouted a remindeR: “Without LeBron, Cleveland wouldn’t be s***.”

“They chose violence, and I just kept going,” Kuzma said as media laughed.

Cleveland News 5 got their own laugh when they aired an interview of Kuzma, describing him in their news tag as someone who “won an NBA Championship thanks to LeBron.”

Kuzma responded by going for the entire city of Cleveland, saying that he and the city “have something in common.”

Kyle Kuzma clapped back at entire city of Cleveland for LeBron James remarks

While there have been reports that indicate Kuzma and James do not get along, Kuzma has said publicly that “it’s all love” between the two.

But that love isn’t reserved for Cleveland, where James helped the Cavaliers win their only championship in their 51-year history back in 2016.

So the decades-old franchise and Kuzma do have something in common: a singular championship.

While Kuzma and Cleveland can beef about why they each won their chips, there is only one common denominator: LeBron James.

Perhaps Kuzma and Cleveland should stop taking shots at one another when all parties have James to thank for their championship glory.

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