Nikola Jokic’s brothers challenged Marcus Morris on Twitter

The brothers of Denver Nuggets player Nikola Jokic and Miami Heat player Markieff Morris took the fight to Twitter and challenged one another publicly. 

“Brotherly love” often denotes the kind, loyal camaraderie between two siblings.

In the Jokic Brothers’ case, brotherly love is about sticking up for your brother’s reputation and bringing the fight to whoever insults him.

That’s why the Jokic Brothers Twitter account told Markieff Morris’ brother, Marcus Morris, that they would “be waiting” for him if he dares tread further.

Jokic Brothers tell Markieff Morris’ brother Marcus: “We will be waiting for you!”

The controversy started during the Nov. 8 game between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. Jokic dribbled down court and was attempting a pass when Markieff Morris ran up and shoved his elbow into his ribs as he threw the ball.

Jokic responded, checking an unsuspecting Morris in the back while his back was turned. Jokic was ejected from the game as Morris lay on the court for several minutes, clutching his shoulder in pain.

Feeling protective of his brother, Markieff’s brother Marcus commented on the situation on Twitter.

The Jokic brothers then made their own Twitter account, and Nuggets reporter Mike Singer was able to verify the authenticity of the account.

The blows didn’t stop here though: Morris challenged the brothers after their initial response, saying that “they had the right ones.”

The best part? This tweet came after Morris’ mother told him to stay off of Twitter and above the drama.

Looks like the Jokic-Morris fight bubbled over to include their brothers, which has the NBA world spinning with where this extended family fight will go next.

This isn’t the first time the Jokic clan has fought to fight their brother’s battles. During a June 15 game against the Phoenix Suns, the Jokic brothers were seen yelling at the court as brother Nikola was involved in a scuffle with Devin Booker.

Although Nikola finds his brother terrifying, the Morris Twins from Philly are ready to take anyone on.

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