NBA legend Tracy McGrady takes shot at Lakers’ Anthony Davis: Does he have a point?

Former superstar player Tracy McGrady couldn’t have been more disappointed that Anthony Davis was named to the NBA’s Top 75 list over Dwight Howard. 

Ever since the NBA released its list of the best 75 players of all time, people have been going nuts over it. There were some snubs and some guys on the list who folks really believed had no business being there.

If you ask NBA legend Tracy McGrady, there was one big-time omission from things: Dwight Howard. Howard himself called people out for snubbing him. In McGrady’s eyes, the fact that Los Angeles Lakers standout Anthony Davis was honored and not Howard was a complete and total travesty.

Tracy McGrady clearly isn’t impressed with Anthony Davis

“I just can’t believe some of the guys they have on the list that I’m looking at like Anthony Davis,” McGrady said in his interview with Sports Illustrated. “No disrespect to Anthony Davis, but before he got to LeBron James and won that Championship with the Lakers, I mean, you’re trying to tell me if Anthony Davis was to retire right now he has a better career than Dwight Howard? No way.”

Those are some passionate words from McGrady on Davis. While he’s no question one of the best players in the league right now, is his resume really more impressive than Howard’s? Now that Howard is on the tail end of his career, some out there might forget about how dominant he was in the league.

During his prime, Howard was one of the most dominant players out there, period. McGrady saw this on a consistent basis, which is why he firmly believes Howard was robbed in not being named to the Top 75 list. This is a debate that will surely go on for quite some time. Everyone now knows where McGrady stands, though.

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