JJ Redick goes all-in on Stephen A. Smith and fans are loving it

During an appearance on First Take, J.J. Redick went in on Stephen A. Smith on his LeBron James take.

When watching ESPN’s First Take, you are likely going to hear something from Stephen A. Smith on a certain sports topic that you will not necessarily agree with. There have been numerous guests that have challenged Smith on his opinions, and former NBA player J.J. Redick was the latest to do so.

On Tuesday, First Take was discussing Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons challenging LeBron James after being struck in the face in Sunday’s game.  Smith said on the air that he has spoken to those who cover the NBA, and says that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has never been feared by fellow players.

That was when Redick heard enough. You can catch the Redick-Smith interaction in the tweets below.

J.J. Redick takes on Stephen A. Smith for his “LeBron has never been feared” take

It was certainly a tense situation. Redick saying that he does not believe that Smith believes what he is saying. Smith saying “when you watch the game, which you do,” and Redick correcting him with “I’ve played the game.” Wow.

Redick said it best, he has played James a lot during his 15-year NBA career. From the regular-season to the playoffs, he knows what its like to face off against James in a game. Hence why he did not buy this take from Smith.

After announcing his retirement from basketball, Redick joined ESPN in October as an NBA analyst and contributor to studio shows.

Whenever Redick returns to First Take, it will be must-watch.

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