5 offseason moves the Philadelphia 76ers have to make

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Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden (1): Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers once again couldn’t get past the second round of the NBA playoffs. With Joel Embiid’s prime quickly passing by, what are the priorities this offseason?

The Philadelphia 76ers forced its fanbase to go through The Process. For four straight seasons, they were one of the worst teams in the NBA. It led them to two number-one overall picks and two number-three overall picks. We could go on about how those picks went (three are no longer here and one is a perennial MVP candidate), but the 76ers are finally in a place where they are a yearly contender.

They are kind of a yearly contender. On paper, they get decent odds to win it all. They have a stretch every season where they dominate good teams. They always make a move that makes people curious about what’s next. However, every single time it falls apart in the playoffs. That’s despite changes to the coaching staff, star players surrounding Embiid, and changes to the depth. Nothing has worked for the 76ers. Now, they are pretty much stuck with what they have.

What can the Philadelphia 76ers do after another disappointing end to the season?

James Harden is going to come back. Nobody is going to pay him what he’s owed ($47 million player option), and absolutely nobody is giving him a $270 million extension. He looked old, slow, and out of place in the playoffs. He had his moments, but that was an issue. The Sixers have to make it work, but that isn’t the only question. It is the most important question, so let’s start there.

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