Jimmy Butler single-handedly outscored the Celtics in third quarter of Game 1

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Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler continues to dominate in the playoffs, embarrassing the Boston Celtics in the third quarter of Game 1.

Regardless of the fanbase, NBA fans from all over have been awestruck by Jimmy Butler in the playoffs. Even Celtics legend Kendrick Perkins gave Butler his due, a testament to just how much his excellence deserves praise—even when he embarrassed Perkins’ beloved Boston team.

Here’s a stat to validate Perkins’ perspective: Jimmy Butler scored 41 points in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals series against the Celtics.

And although the Jays are to blame for the rampant Celtics turnovers in the third quarter, Butler deserves accolades for a wild third-quarter stat.

A Reddit user pointed out that Butler outscored the entire Celtics team in the third quarter alone: 17-14.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler outscored all the Celtics in Game 1 third quarter

Butler’s 17 points added to a total of 39 points for Miami in the third, adding to what was a spectacular performance by Butler and his teammates playing up on defense.

NBA.com’s Couper Moorhead beautifully recounted just how magnificent Butler in what was set to be a contested matchup.

“There’s a level of pressure that Butler can apply to your offense that makes every pass carry  just a little more inherent risk to it – an effect that played a major role as the HEAT’s defense fed their offense over and over and over again in the third quarter.”

Although Perkins gave Butler his due credit, he also offered a bit of advice to Jaylen Brown: if he wants to one day join the NBA75, now is the time to build towards that legacy.

Brown may need the pep talk after a difficult Game 1 loss, as Butler is sure to continue to keep Celtics players on their toes with every possession.

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