Charles Barkley taunts Warriors fans before Western Conference Finals (Video)

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Charles Barkley isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers, as his latest victims were Warriors fans.

One thing about Charles Barkley is that he isn’t afraid to let anyone know who his picks are for certain games. Before Wednesday’s Western Conference Finals, he let the crowd know who he’s rooting for, and spoiler alert, it isn’t the Warriors.

A video posted by NBA on TNT shows him turned to the crowd and what looks like him getting asked who he would pick. He chuckled and then began taunting them by yelling, “Let’s go, Mavs!” After chanting it a few times, the crowds’ boos grew louder and louder.

That group of fans was not having any of Barkley’s shenanigans, but he didn’t care. They tried to boo louder than him, but he kept yelling because it’s clear he likes to mess around with fans regardless of their team.

As an analyst, it’s his job to pick games, explain why he went that route, and move on about his day. However, that simple game plan isn’t who Barkley is. Instead, he makes a scene and puts the opposing fans in a bad mood. Barkley is not afraid to speak his mind, and it’s almost like he enjoys doing these hot takes to see the reaction.

Evidently, he wanted to make the Warrior fans’ blood boil, and it seems like it worked.

The comments on that Twitter video are just as funny as most claimed him doing this would result in the “Chuck curse,” and now Golden State would likely win Game 1.

Barkley doesn’t care, and he enjoys getting under these fans’ skin and getting the exact reaction he got. If these fans had just let it go and allowed him to have his opinion, he probably wouldn’t have yelled Let’s Go, Mavs.

He got what he wanted out of the Golden State fans, and regardless of what happens in Game 1 of this Western Conference Finals, Barkley got the attention.

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