Lakers: Anthony Davis raises eyebrow with comment about offseason training

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Los Angeles Lakers fans have to be pure facepalm after hearing Anthony Davis’ comment about how seriously he is taking this NBA offseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers need to count on Anthony Davis, but the dude doesn’t want to shoot a basketball during the summer months.

It may have been taken out of context, but Davis admitted to not shooting a basketball since, like, April 5. That’s over two months ago — and that is a major component of what he does for a living. While every player has every right to enjoy some rest and relaxation during the summer months, the 2021-22 Lakers were nothing short of dog water. LeBron James is not getting that year back.

He may have ruined Space Jam, but you can understand why King James is courting seemingly every team under the sun of late. And this is before Davis admitted to not hooping in over two months…

Anthony Davis claims to have not shot a basketball in over two months…

It may not have been on par with that one time Jim Gaffigan bragged about not eating a banana for a month, but how can Lakers fans think this is okay? Outside of two good years with LeBron, the Lakers have been nothing short of a tire fire since Dr. Buss passed. Los Angeles dealt for Davis thinking he would be the perfect guy to eventually take over for an aging James, but here we are.

Look. It would be amazing if Davis showed up to training camp like a Greek Adonis akin to Giannis Antetokounmpo, built to play 75 games and win MVP, but we all know that is not happening. He is a phenomenal player … when he wants to be. That is why he is the most frustrating player in the NBA not named Kyrie Irving. It is only a basketball, but the guy makes millions playing basketball…

If you feel like you are taking crazy pills too, you are not alone. There is like one (maybe two) player better than James in the history of the sport, yet Davis is okay with not shooting a basketball for two months during the summer. Championships are won and lost in the offseason, not in the Orlando bubble. There is plenty of time to fix this, but everybody else is trying to get better as well.

James is past his prime, and it is a shame Davis does not seem willing to take the baton from him.

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