Miles Bridges’ wife details horrific domestic abuse allegations in Instagram post

[TRIGGER WARNING: This post DOES NOT contain images but DOES include details about incidents of extreme domestic violence]

Miles Bridges went into this summer as one of the most sought-after NBA free agents. The details of his recent arrest for domestic violence have changed the conversation.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Miles Bridges had been arrested in Los Angeles for felony domestic violence. At that time, there were very few available details and TMZ’s reporting was understandably sparse:

“Law enforcement sources tell us a woman claims she was in an argument with Bridges that turned physical. We’re told police were called to the scene, but Bridges was gone by the time cops arrived. We’re told the woman required medical attention.”

Late Thursday night, Bridges’ wife, Mychelle Johnson, posted to Instagram with a more detailed account including graphic images of her face and body after the assault. Her post read:

“I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore. I’ve allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatize our kids for life. I have nothing to prove to the world, but I won’t allow anyone who could do something so horrible to have no remorse and paint a picture of something I’m not. I won’t allow the people around him to continue to silence me and continue to lie to protect this person. It’s unethical, it’s immoral, it’s truly SICK. It hurts my heart because I’ve always had hope, and so much love and as scary as this is for me to do it’s time I stand up for myself. I won’t be silent to protect others anymore because I value myself and my kids more than anyones ‘image’.… a fracture nose, wrist, torn eardrum, torn muscles in my neck from being choked until i went to sleep and a severe concussion. I don’t need sympathy, I just don’t want this happening to anyone else, I just want this person to get help, my kids deserve better. That’s all i want. It hurts, everything hurts, this situation hurts, most importantly I’m scared and hurting for my kids who were witness to everything. Please respect my families privacy and stop with the disgusting rumors and allegations.”

Suffice it to say, Bridges doesn’t belong anywhere near a basketball court right now and any questions about his free agency and basketball future are completely irrelevant in the face of questions about the health and safety of his wife and family.

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