Steph Curry’s sports talents limited to basketball, not baseball (Video)

Warriors star Steph Curry is an undeniably talented athlete on the court but when you put him at the plate it’s clear he should stick to basketball.

Michael Jordan famously left basketball for baseball. Warriors fans have no reason to fear Steph Curry following a similar path.

Curry is very, very good at basketball. He is not good at baseball, at all.

He put the evidence on film this week when he went to throw out the first pitch for the Oakland A’s.

Steph Curry’s talents limited to basketball, not baseball

Curry took batting practice and looked like a kid at the batting cages just learning how to swing.

Then he stepped out onto the mound to throw the first pitch and it was….juuuuust a bit outside.

“All of my friends were teasing me about how bad my pitch was going to be,” Curry said during the broadcast, per NBC Sports. “I wanted to throw some heat and when I got up there I felt the presence on my right side but I didn’t really know how I could do the release and whatnot so that’s why I went a little to the right. I’m glad he picked it up out of the dirt and didn’t make me look bad.”

Most people aren’t as good at one single thing as Curry is at basketball. So there is absolutely no shame in his baseball performance. It’s just a reminder that yes, he is indeed human.

Watching him dominate the NBA Playoffs this year, it would be easy to believe he was some sort of athletic machine. Curry led the Warriors to his fourth NBA Championship. He also answered any lingering questions about his legacy, which may have been more embarrassing than his first pitch, by winning the NBA Finals MVP Award.

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