Nets plan to hire Ime Udoka as head coach to achieve peak toxicity

Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets

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Of course, the Brooklyn Nets are planning to hire suspended Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka…

The Brooklyn Nets are on a mission from god to create the most toxic work environment possible.

Amid the Kyrie Irving controversy, the Nets did what any dysfunctional organization would do and fired its head coach Steve Nash. As if keeping a player on the roster who is a flat-earth truther, a non-mandate believer and an apparent antisemite, let’s add gasoline to this dumpster fire and hire a head coach away from a division rival who has been suspended for a year for violating team policy (which included making at least one crude remark to a subordinate employee).

Yes, the Nets are looking to hire Ime Udoka away from the Boston Celtics because what is shame?

Brooklyn Nets become even more unlikable with shameless pursuit of Ime Udoka

I don’t claim to be a moralist, but my god, what are we doing? The Nets may be attempting to hire a proven head coach who won the Eastern Conference in his lone year on the job, but there is no floor to be had with the tactless buffoonery in the Brooklyn building. As if the bar could get any lower, here we are. And we are not even talking about the basketball, as this team is an awful 2-5.

If we ever needed proof that we are in fact living in a simulation, what the Nets are trying to do here would be the pinnacle of that. It is all about accumulating the biggest stars with the biggest amount of baggage as quickly as possible. But instead of creating a supernova, we have got ourselves a black eye of a black hole on our hands in Brooklyn. How can anyone root for this team?

Ultimately, people do have a right to work and make a living. You do not have to hire them, but someone will. Where this gets borderline unfathomable is how completely tone-deaf the Nets seem to be to the optics. They may forever be the second team in town, but they “claim” one of the Five Boroughs in the biggest city in the nation. Why operate in secrecy when you can be loud?

This is a prime example of how all publicity is not good publicity, as the Nets remain a grease fire.

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