Joel Embiid says the Raptors players don’t seem to care about winning

Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors

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The Toronto Raptors are in a rough place right now and Joel Embiid didn’t miss an opportunity to kick them while they were down.

The Raptors pulled out a 113-106 win over the Knicks on Wednesday night, snapping what had been a six-game losing streak. Overall, they’ve lost nine of their last 12 games, falling to 10th in the Eastern Conference, just a half-game ahead of Chicago.

This recent slide has exposed some fundamental problems with their roster and raised the question of whether they should tear down and begin a rebuild, even considering trading solid young players like OG Anunoby.

The last loss of their six-game skid came Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers and after the game, Joel Embiid seemed all too happy to share his thoughts on what’s ailing the Raptors.

What did Joel Embiid say about the Toronto Raptors?

Embiid took a question about De’Anthony Melton as an opportunity to not just sing his teammate’s praises, but also contrast him with the Raptors:

“But when you play a team like Toronto, they don’t really care. It seems like, most of the time, they don’t care about winning. They just want to shut down the other star players. But when you play that, you got to be ready all night. You got to stay alert and have the confidence of just keep shooting it and hope that you make them when they come, and that’s what he did tonight.”

Embiid seems to be saying that the Raptors care more about winning their individual matchup with him than they do about winning the entire game, but who could imagine Embiid twisting a conversation to make it about himself?

Apropos of nothing, Embiid has a career 15-17 record against the Toronto Raptors across the regular season and playoffs.

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